Xenophon launches final vote bid in SA

By , 25/04/2020 19:37

Nick Xenophon arrives to campaign outside a shopping centre in Adelaide.A bobcat, a musician and a plastic bull have been called in by SA-BEST leader Nick Xenophon in a last-minute bid to push his message ahead of Saturday’s South n election.

Known for his political stunts, Mr Xenophon used the props to take aim at a campaign by the n Hotels Association which claimed the hotel industry would suffer under SA-BEST’s poker machines policy.

The association says SA-BEST’s call to slash the number of pokies and put limits on bets will put jobs in hotels at risk.

“The greatest load of ‘bull’ has come from the AHA,” he told reporters on Friday.

“Their claims about musos, about jobs are lies – independent economic analysis says so.”

Mr Xenophon was joined by several other SA-BEST candidates at a shopping centre in the electorate of Hartley – where he is running – to make his final push to voters.

“For the first time, in most seats, South ns have a genuine choice between the major parties,” he said.

“This has been a bit like an ultra-marathon, and we’re going to get across the line, we believe, in a number of seats to make a difference after Saturday.”

But, as Mr Xenophon has done throughout the campaign, he refused to comment on how many seats he believes he could win, which party he would support in a minority government or how his party would operate should he fail to win his own seat.

Earlier this week an Advertiser-Galaxy opinion poll had him trailing incumbent Vincent Tarzia 51-49 per cent on a two-party preferred vote.

In response, he planned to spend 75 per cent of his time campaigning in Hartley, a target he said he had achieved, meeting “hundreds of people at shopping centres”.

“People know me. I’m a genuine local, I live in the area,” he said.

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