Who’s up for a rollercoaster challenge?

By , 25/04/2020 19:36

The DC Rivals HyperCoaster at the Movie World theme park on the Gold Coast.Have you survived the Superman Escape? Endured the Arkham Asylum? Weathered the Storm Coaster?

If you said yes, yes, yes you’re most likely a rollercoaster fan.

And you may not know it, but you’re already a quarter of the way to completing one of ‘s more hair-raising challenges.

It’s known as The Great Gold Coast Rollercoaster Challenge, and involves a dozen of the world’s most unique and exhilarating coaster rides – all located in the same region.

As well as the three aforementioned rides, the Challenge includes classics such as Dreamworld’s heart-stopping Tower of Terror II (which narrowly qualifies as a rollercoaster because riders are carried in cars on a track), Movie World’s spine-chilling Green Lantern Coaster and family favourite the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster.

There’s also the child-friendly Road Runner Rollercoaster, Dreamworld’s thrilling BuzzSaw and Hot Wheels SideWinder, the motorcycle-themed Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster, and Sea World’s underrated Jet Rescue family coaster.

But it’s the newest addition to the region that’s considered the pinnacle of The Great Gold Coast Rollercoaster Challenge – the stomach-churning DC Rivals HyperCoaster, which opened at Movie World last September.

The ride’s cars hit eye-watering speeds of up to 115km per hour as they hurtle along the 1.4km track; at one stage riders are shot down a frightening 60m drop.

Richard Wilson, a rollercoaster enthusiast and the man behind theme park website Parkz, says the hypercoaster “ticks all the boxes that a world-class rollercoaster should”.

In particular, he says, it delivers on speed and air time – “that feeling you get in your stomach when you go over a hill and your body basically wants to leave the train”.

“It’s just on another level in terms of the thrills it offers,” he says.

“It goes for about two minutes and by the end of that you’re left almost physically drained from the experience because it just doesn’t let up.”

Theme park cinematographer and fellow rollercoaster fan Ben Roache also rates DC Rivals HyperCoaster as the best rollercoaster on the Gold Coast.

But he says there’s something to be said for the “total experience” offered by rides such as the Scooby-Doo, with its unexpected special features such as swinging axe blades.

“(Scooby-Doo) actually rates globally as one of the best family rollercoasters because there’s so many cool little moments like that that happen throughout the ride,” he adds.

Both men have completed The Great Gold Coast Rollercoaster Challenge, and, between them, have been on hundreds of coasters.

Does the thrill ever wear off? No, according to Mr Wilson.

“It’s just such a unique and bizarre thing to be doing to your body, ” he says.

“I’m never scared or worried about safety or anything, but that said, you can’t switch off your natural instincts.

“Your body’s saying, ‘I probably shouldn’t be doing this’.”

Mr Roache, who shoots promotional material for theme parks, likes the social side of rollercoasters.

“To do something with friends that’s as close as you can get to skydiving without actually jumping out of a plane is pretty awesome,” he says.

Both agree the Gold Coast is unquestionably the ground zero for thrill-seekers in , thanks to the area’s sheer concentration of theme parks.

The competition is fierce and that guarantees a diverse and unique experience, says Mr Roache.

“Nowhere else comes close to this in and honestly, there’s very few places in the world even that have this density of theme parks and rides,” adds Mr Wilson.

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