Uprising Bakery matches wholesome food with honest coffee

By , 17/12/2018 16:21

As you like it: Uprising Bakery barista Tori Bradley. Picture: Marina NeilUprising Bakery & Café, 21 Downie St, Maryville. Mon-Fri: 7am-2:30pm; Sat-Sun: 8am-2:30pm

Occasionally a café and their coffee supplier fit as neatly together as a cup into a saucer. The origin of the beans, the methods of their cultivation and processing and even the design of the packaging can somehow help to communicate to a customer whatever it is the café wants to say.

Sometimes this message is simply that there is no message at all. These are the places with shelves that are stacked with unmarked bags of beans. The name and location of their roastery is a smugly guarded secret. The barista blushes when you ask him or her about the blend or what countries it was grown in.

On a long list of things that the Uprising Bakery & Cafe at Maryville consistently prides itself on, communicating to the customer what it is that they care about would be somewhere near the top. All that could be considered essential information for the discerning patron is written on recycled paper and available at the counter.

We are all accustomed to reading about the origins of coffee, but what about bread made from a single varietal, single origin flour? With grains that are farmed using regenerative agriculture? Or honey pollinated in a native bee box directly out the front of the bakery itself? To further reduce their environmental impact, even the ceiling at Uprising is entirely covered with solar panelling.

If these priorities and initiatives have come to shape the saucer at Uprising, then their choice of Pablo &Rusty’s for their coffee supply has certainly rounded out their cups. Although there are many coffee houses these days making all kinds of claims about the ethical cultivation of their beans, this roastery has a genuine commitment to sustainable and organic coffee farming.

So what does the coffee at Uprising taste like? Is it anywhere near as good as the meticulously crafted and delicious baked goods that we are still lining up for?

Well, almost.

The organic Pioneer espresso blend from Pablo & Rusty’s is a medium bodied coffee that is neither acidic or powerful in flavour. It has been described as flexible – it can be enjoyed with or without milk. Another word that P&R use to describe the Pioneer is balanced – sweet and spicy in as equal measure as is possible with a medium roast.

The team at Uprising have also committed to supplying their customers with probably the best cold brew coffee bottled in Newcastle.

Pouring a single-serve, in-house glass ($5.50) or a 350ml ($3.50) or one litre ($22.50) swap-and-go, refillable bottle, fans of the icy black stuff will be well served.

The Serious Deliria cold-brew brand has fast become synonymousfor an exceptional quality of tapped, nitro-infused coffee.

Another perfect fit of a coffee supplier with the café that serves it.

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