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By , 17/12/2018 16:21

DOLING IT OUT: We all dream of a job for life and for some, like China’s president Xi Jinping, that dream has become reality.SIMON WALKER: That’s Life archive

In a move reminiscent of Julius Caesar or Napoleon Bonaparte, China’s supreme leader Xi Jinping this week declared himself president for life.

Can’t blame a guy for locking in job security, I suppose. Next stop “Sun god”.

Better than flipping from one gig to the next like a cork in the ocean, which seems to be the standard career advice these days.

I saw itreferred to asthe “portfolio career approach” to under-employment recently.

It’s where you have you’re fingers in as many part-time pies as you canto ensure the four-legged table that is your casualised life doesn’t collapse if one of thelegbreaks.

And apparently it’s a good thing if you appreciate job uncertainty but it strikes me as a bit of a challenge keeping food on that sort of table.

You play the cards you’re dealt anda part-time job’s apart-time job until it gets off-shored or automated, or both.

Ultimately I think theportfolio career approach is why we’ve got Donald Trump.

Everyone lost their job in the US and now we’vecareered into something the world is still trying to work out. Steel yourself for an uncertain future, but don’t mentiontariffs.

Mr Xi is not alone in tryingmake himself indispensable. Others before have tried – Mugabe, Caligula, Sepp Blatter – with varying degrees of success. Often it doesn’t end well because, you know, people tire of despots. And perhaps being ingloriously deposed is another aspect of the portfolio career approach.

Yes there will becriticism, and when it comes you just have to ruthlessly suppress it.

As any good tyrant knows, hewho controls the present, controls the past, controls the future, controls the tanks etc.

That’s meant as no criticism of Mr Xi, either, because I don’t want to get taken down in a drone strike.

I’m sure he’s just like any rugby league player contemplating his next contract, trying to look after his family.

Only Mr Xi’sfamily is the Chinese Communist Party and that party is just getting started. But hell, they recently handed back it’s entire recycling industry, so we shouldn’t rubbish that.

Makes you wonder what Mr Trump’s thinks about becoming president forlife. Maybe not a bad idea. He seems reasonably partial to dictatorship.If not his Secretary of State.

Like Rex Tillerson, n political leaders are not immune to job insecurity, as the big push from the unions is reminding us. The CFMEU has merged with the Maritime Union and the ACTU is pointing out ns are having trouble paying their bills. That’s not a new thing, but the ads on TV are, and they’re ringing a bit truer than the old fake tradie.

The push is on to relieve Mr Turnbull of his job, and perhaps Mr Shorten’s too if keeps chasing pensioner’s dividend imputation credits.

The one great certainty out of all this uncertainty is there’s no votes in unemployment if you’re leader. Something Mr Xi doesn’t have to concern himself with anymore.

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