This Foodworks ad is the best thing you’ll watch today

By , 25/04/2020 19:36

David ‘Big Dave’ Philp. Photo // FacebookTry as we might, no one has cracked the formulaviral video success, until maybe now.

The Foodworks Eagle Heights Facebook page has taken it upon itself to create its own marketing videos on Facebook, and it’s probably be the best thing you’ll watch today.

The page’s home-grown star, ‘Big Dave’, and his over-the-top brand of enthusiasm in the Easter-themedvideo has earned the video nearly 1 million views to date and has been shared nearly 6000 times.

Just watch it, make sure your sound is on.

Dave Philp, who has worked at Foodworks Eagle Heights for the past seven years, has previously featured in a handful of videos for the page dating back to 2014. Dave had ambitions to be a sports commentator earlier in life before picking up various acting jobs, then moving tohis job at Foodworks.

The videos, according to Dave, are always filmed in the moment with no prior rehearsal or scripting. Instead, he just uses his natural ability as an entertainer to transform into his ‘Big Dave’ persona.

“Someone just grabs a phone out and says let’s do something fun and I say, righto.”

The video was uploaded on Tuesday and already the store has had a greater numberof customers than usual.

“We’ve definitely sold more hot food since the video was uploaded and the phone’s been ringing off the hook –it’s been on fire,’’ Dave said.

“We’ve even had people contact us asking if they can be in the next ad.”

Big Dave at heartDave’s first appearance in a Foodworks video was in 2014 where he introduced himself to the world as ‘Big Dave’ and espousing the benefits of the ‘Gourmet Lollipop’.

In the years since, Dave has dropped an amazing 110kg – but he assures us he is still ‘Big Dave’.

“I’ll always be ‘Big Dave’, that’ll never change. No matter how big or small I get, that’s the name of the game.”

Advertising and Retail Communications Manager, Mick Guerin from Foodworks had nothing but praise for the video.

The Foodworks network is full of stories about local identities, heroes and larrikins, often unsung for work they do in their communities. Foodworks stores are independently owned, we support them from a brand perspective, and while a little unconventional, Dave’s approach and passion for the business is what makes Foodworks unique.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.

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