Short Takes March 19 2018

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I READ where Megan Markle and Prince Harry went to church with the queen, she wore a cream coat and matching beret, he looked nice in a blue suit and purple tie. What riveting news, does anyone really care? Give us a break.

John Keen,GatesheadWITH free trade agreements, the n people’s standard of living is on the decline. Whilst we may get cheap TVs, phones and other products, the cost is higher electricity prices andreduced investment in our schools,hospitals andaged care. Priorities are for football stadiums and weapons of destruction that are only used at America’s discretion. Where are the unionswho once were therepresentatives of working class ns?

Gerry Mohan,Shoal BayLAST Sunday we were treated to a musical feast at Charlestown Uniting Church. The program featured a selection of works suitable for all tastes, including excerpts from The Sound of Music and various items from the magnificent voice of Michael Saunders. In conclusion a jazz band had us all hand-clapping & toe-tapping which left us begging for more.

Daphne Hughes,KahibahFIGURES show that bus patronage is up by 5 per centin January (“Bus rides up and promise to be better”, Herald 14/3). Really?So it should be. From Valentine to Charlestown was one trip on old system but now it is twotrips for twice the fare. If this action has been taken on all the bus routes in Newcastle, in my view patronage figures should be up about 50 per cent. What was Swansea to Newcastle isnow Swansea to Mt Hutton (1 trip), Mt Hutton to Charlestown (1 trip) andCharlestown to Newcastle (1trip). Really, the patronage has automatically tripled on this route. I think that this is gaming the system. Others might have different opinions, but this is the way I see it.

Ken Godwin,ValentineHOWis itWembley Stadium in Londonwas demolished and rebuiltafter around 70 years, yet they want to demolish both ANZ and AllianzStadiums in Sydneyat only around athird of that? It makes you wonder.

David Davies,Blackalls ParkPETER Sansom (Letters, 16/3) is dead right on failedefficient rail transport design policy. All metropolitandistance n railways are thirdworld. Trains at 65km/h average betweenNewcastle andthe nation’s most n destination,global Sydney, is a hugeloss. Bring the corridor up to speed, right to efficient Newcastle station,to drive its many efficient marketsfor jobs and growth. Battery-powered trains and engineering resolve all connectivity issues.

Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkPETER Hickey (Letters 16/3) talks ofreducingspeed limits”for some obscure mystical reason”. It is called saving lives, and RMS have it right. There were five times more crashes than average on Newcastle Road compared to other 70km/h zones in NSW. You do not have a human right to travel at 70km/hr, but we do have basic human rights to travel safely. Bust the transport myths confusing 99% of people!

Dan Endicott, IslingtonSO encouraging to see American students marching against lax gun laws. Hopefully like the anti-nuclear and anti-Vietnam protesters before them, they will achieve what self-servingpoliticians of each era did not have the decency to do. Long live NRA donations -try denying it.

Andrew David Anderson,Maryland

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