Short Takes for March 16 2018

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MAYBE Save our Rail needs to come back as Save our Rail Seats (“Flipped out”, Herald 15/3). As a semi-regular commuter on the Newcastle to Sydney train I can say that facing forward is better. To the bureaucrats making these decisions: we elect your political bosses and we like the flip seats. To our elected representatives: do your job.

Andrew Whitbread-Brown,Cardiff HeightsI’m not sure how Darryl Tuckwell (Short Takes 14/3) equates West Tigers defeating the Sydney Roosters with joining a union to defeat the big end of town. However, I do know that the “big end of town” is pouring many millions of dollars into this region at the moment and while they are prepared to continue that, I think we should let them get on with it.

David Stuart,MerewetherI ONLY noticed whilst reading your newspaper yesterday that Stephen Hawking had died on Einstein’s birthday! How do you explain that coincidence scientifically?

Lesley Comerford,New LambtonIN reply to Craig Budden (Short Takes 13/3) who claims the Federal government is creating 30,000 jobs per month:please enlighten the thousands of desperate unemployed in Newcastle, Wollongong, Adelaide andTasmania as to where these fairy tale avenues of employment are situated.

John William Hill,WilliamtownIN response to John Fear (Letters 15/3), not all of us have the luxury of being able to wander around the Newcastle’s central business district not conducting business. Perhaps, the “business-type people”get annoyed at the leisurely type people for pouring salt into their working wounds.

Stephanie Thompson,HamiltonRELATED: Today’s letters to the editorMYhusband and I had the privilege of knowing Bernie Farrell (“Justice for Bernie”, Herald 13/3). He was a very lovely man, a real gentleman. Bernie also had a good sense of humour. He is sadly missed. Please give yourself up, if not for his family then for the friends that cared for him.

Chris Macdonald,KaruahCORBO at his best(“Driving the rest of us crazy”, Herald 10/3).Haven’t laughed as much for ages.

Scott Bennett,New LambtonWITH the beautification of the Warners Bay foreshore, Lake Macquarie City Council needs to be applauded for the work that’s being done. What would really cap it off is if the immediate shallow waters were dredged of the rubbish and seaweed and replaced with clean sand. The water is only knee-deep for a fair way out, but it needs to be cleaned up.

Neil Meyers,Warners BayPAT Wilson (Letters 13/3): the young ones today don’t need advice guidance or in most trades education. They already know it all. Us tradies with 35 or more years under our belt are just useless, apparently. The one saving grace is Generation Know-It-All probably won’t live to old age with the crap they consume, and they will all go blind from staring at screens all day and night.I think I will have enough work until I am 120.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

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