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By , 25/04/2020 19:37

ALL ADDS UP: Companies are being encouraged to provide their new staff members with a list of local charities they might consider supporting via payroll giving.

I had a mentor once that said “get a little bit of money from lots of different people” – this was his secret to success.

It’s stuck with me.First I thought he was a bit crude, but I’ve come to realisethe beauty and incredible impact of this statement.

If you look at all the crowd funding platforms, people are raising millions of dollars to create products and services by asking for … “a little bit of money”.

Is it possible that a simple concept could make a huge impact on your business andcommunity?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on payroll giving programs and who in our community participates in them. Sadly, it’s a bit dismal.

As businesses are constantly looking for ways to engage staff and show clients they care,a program like this is a simple way in which you can create an impact within and outside of your business.

It’s a way to engage “a little bit of money from lots of different people”that shows your staff you care about them and the things they care about.

When a new staff member signs up to be part of your company, having a list of local charities they could support – and why you support them – is a great way of showing them you care about the staff and our bettering community.

“We support the mental health organisations because we lost a close friend to suicide” or “heart disease because it’s important to our clients and we have family members who have lost loved ones.”

It shows that you care and you want to make an impact – just like them.

Everyone wants to feel like they are valued, are giving value and are having an impact.

If you would like to find a local charity to support, have a look at nfpconnect老域名购买.au/directory/ and search your desired types of organisations (mental health, cancer, heart disease).

Grace McLean is the founder of NFP Connect

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