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By , 25/04/2020 19:36

Riding a motorbike is a fantastic pastime that can not only be a lot of fun, but is also a very efficient way to travel. When you first start out riding there can be a lot of choices to make before you hit the road, so it is important to take yourtime and figure out what bike is best for yourself.

New versus used:The main difference is cost;new can be expensive, loses value quickly, and you might also change your mind after riding for a while and want something totally different. The other issueis, as a new rider, the chances of you having an accident are higher, even if it is simply dropping the bike when stationeryor sliding out in the wet. A new bike will cost more to repair any damage and you will also be more upset. A used bike will cost less and you can always upgrade when you are a more confident rider.

Seat:Height is the main thing. You need to be able to touch the ground comfortably to be safe. If you can’tthen the chance of you tipping the bike when starting and stopping increase. Depending on your usage,your seat needs to be comfortable as you may be sitting down for extended periods of time.

Weight:Aheavy bike can be awkward and dangerous, especially for smaller riders,with the risk ofdropping a bike when going slow, starting and stopping. You may also struggle to pick a heavybike back up if you do happen to lay it down.

Engine: Doyou want power and speed or comfort and fuel efficiency. Less power is better for beginnersand around the 250cc mark is a goodplace to start. 250cc bikes are normallylearner legal andusually a good height and weight for anyone beginningtheir riding journey.

Usage:Will your bike be ridden daily or just occasionally? Will it be only yourself or will you have a passenger.

Once you have what size bike you are after, the next step is to choose the syle.

Sports Bikes:For on roaduse, they have high performance engines, are lightweight and more aerodynamic butless fuel efficient. Riders are seated in a crouched position.

Cruisers:For on road use, they are normally heavier and lessmaneuverablethan sports bikes, but are morefuel efficient andcomfortable for longer distances. Riders are seated in anupright or reclined position.

Dirt Bikes:Mainly for off road use but can also be road registered. They are lightweight, powerful with strongsuspension and knobby tyres for grip. Riders are seated in anuprightposition.

Scooters:Becomingpopular forfuel efficiency and size. They are not as fast or comfortable but are compact and handyfor urban riding.

Protective Gear:Covered shoes, long pants, jacket, gloves and fitted helmet.Dirt bikers need bootsalong with body armour to protect your arms, shoulders and chest.

Sports Bike: When speed, precision and cornering are what you need, a sports bike or “pocket rocket” can be a massive thrill to ride. Photo: Shutterstock.

Cruiser: With so many different manufacturers, designs and sizes available you can sit back, relax and cruise the open road in comfort and style. Photo: Shutterstock.

Dirt Bike: Whether you want a 2 stroke or 4 stroke, dirt bikes are fast, fun and allow you to tackle some amazing terrain both on or off track. Photo: Shutterstock.

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