Aberglasslyn residents fed up with cars dumped and burnt out in a reserve near their homes

By , 17/12/2018 16:21

DUMPED: Central Hunter acting crime manager Detective Sergeant Mitch Dubojski with a dumped and burnt out car at Thornton. PICTURE: Simone De Peak.Maitland councillor Henry Meskauskas has renewed his call for an Aberglasslyn reserve to be fenced off in a bid to stop car thieves dumping and burning out vehicles posing a threatto nearby households.

Cr Meskauskas receives complaints on a regular basis from residents who live near the reserve off Joshua Close, about dumped and burnt out cars, speeding motor bike riders andillegal rubbish dumping.

The West Ward councillor spoke out again this week following flood of Facebook posts by residents abouta recent incident which included what appeared to be an explosion.

DISGRACE: Dumped cars at Thornton.

In those posts one resident said hecalled Maitland Police in the early hours of Sunday, March 4, when a car sped alongthe bike path from Carroll Avenue to Adam Avenue.

“It collided and flattened a bike path sign, lost control and went sideways crossing Adam Avenue, missed our bedroom by five metres then sped up the makeshift access point into the reserve,” the resident’s post said.

“It was followed as usual by a second car obviously used as a getaway vehicle. At 4.07am as usual we heard a boom, saw the fireand called the fire brigade.”

The resident said this is the fourth vehicle burnt out in the reserve. He said that in 2010 a vehicle sparked a bushfire directly threatening more than a dozen homes backing onto the reserve.

“It’s only a matter of time before property is damaged by fire or someone is killed, seriously injured or traumatised. This is a matter of public safety.”

Cr Meskaukas agreed.

“It’sa shame the council did not act on fencing off this area after I raised it as a notice of motion two years ago,” Cr Meskauskas said.

“Thisproperty is council property and council has a responsibly to protect the land and the residents living next to it.It’sabout time council did the correct thing and fenceit off as requested.I am sick and tired asking council to make it safe and I receive no support,” Cr Meskauskas said.

Maitland police officer in charge Chief Inspector Glenn Blain said there were several “regular dumping grounds” for stolen cars around Maitland.”Some are stolen for parts, some for insurance and some for joyrides,” he said.

Crime statistics released this week show there were 223 incidents of car theft in Maitland last year, which equates to almost two cars stolen every three days.

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